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Why Compliance Framework?

Change Management Issues

  • Convoluted Process: Change management can often become unmanageable due to complexity.
  • Multiple Change Sources: Changes may be introduced from various sources, making them harder to track and manage.
  • Frequent Changes: Changes are frequent and often introduced by external parties.

Compliance Monitoring Challenges

  • Snapshot Compliance: Without a proper framework, compliance becomes just a snapshot in time and not a continuous process.
  • Compliance Drift: There is a risk of drifting away from compliance over time.
  • Difficulty Tracking Policy Changes: It becomes challenging to track changes in policy.

Implementation and Automation Problems

  • Manual Compliance Marking: It's a manual process to match compliance implementation with compliance requirements.
  • Lack of Automation: There's an absence of automated ways to identify differences in compliance and update them accordingly.
  • Deprecation Challenges: There's a lack of clear methods for automatic deprecation.

Collaboration and Communication Issues

  • Collaboration Challenges: Collaboration between the end user and the implementation departments can be difficult due to potential misinterpretation of data or context.
  • Misalignments and Inefficiencies: These can result in wasted time, delays, incomplete information, and inaccurate assessments.

Compliance Assurance Concerns

  • Enterprise Compliance Questions: How to confirm, demonstrate, maintain, and automate compliance at all levels?
  • Auditor Compliance Questions: How to control, ensure, and automate the compliance of others easily?

Human and Systemic Errors

  • Human Error: Compliance processes are prone to human errors.
  • Inconsistency in Current Solutions: Current solutions for managing compliance are inconsistent.
  • Unclear Implementation Methods: The exact methods of implementation can be unclear or inconsistent.
  • Research-Intensive Changes: Understanding the impact of changes often requires a significant amount of research.