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What is Compliance Framework?

Compliance Framework

Compliance Framework is an open-source project that aims to streamline and automate compliance processes in a cloud native way. Its aim is to simplify compliance challenges and promote continuous collaboration within the governance, risk and control (GRC) community.

Key Features

Knowledge and Control Management

  • Centralized compliance information
  • Control mapping and lifecycle management

Real-Time Tracking & Alerting

  • Real-time notifications and alerts
  • Tracking of requirement drifts

Policy & Compliance Enforcement

  • Compliance enforcement tools for applications/infrastructure
  • Integration with reactive tools such as OPA, Cloud-Custodian

Reporting & Auditing

  • Comprehensive compliance reports
  • Maintenance of audit trails
  • Automation of reporting and auditing processes

Integration & Customization

  • Integration with open-source rules repositories
  • Customizable architecture for input, output, and validation
  • Logging of changes in compliance rules


  • Export of compliance data and reports in PDF format

Additional Features

AI-Powered Compliance Assessment

  • Tools for regular assessments and identification of potential issues

Regular Compliance Training

  • Training modules for keeping up with latest regulations

Compliance Dashboard

  • Real-time visibility and status updates

Third-Party Validation

  • Features supporting independent compliance validation

Continuous Improvement Process

  • Adaptable compliance framework

As an open-source project, Compliance Framework seeks to foster a dynamic and collaborative community that continuously enhances and evolves its features. It aims to provide an essential tool for managing compliance in a Cloud Native way, making the process as seamless as enjoying a morning coffee.

Users of Compliance Framework can customize the framework to suit their unique needs, enabling them to not only maintain and demonstrate compliance at all levels, but also automate it.