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Plugin Registry


This initial design assumes that the plugin architecture will be built on WASM technology. Things might change after the initial POC.

1. Plugin Repository on GitHub:

The designated GitHub repository stores all plugins as WebAssembly (WASM) modules. Each plugin is versioned and audited for security.

2. WASM Compilation Using GitHub Actions:

The system compiles source code into WASM modules through automated workflows.


  1. Trigger: Responds to a new pull request or push.
  2. Environment Setup: Uses tools like Emscripten for compiling WASM.
  3. Build Process: Compiles the source code into WASM modules.
  4. Artifacts: Saves the compiled WASM as artifacts.
  • Caching: Accelerates builds.
  • Matrix Builds: Compiles against various environments or configurations.

3. Security Auditing for WASM Using GitHub Actions:

The system automates security checks and audits for WASM modules.


  1. Trigger: Integrates with the compilation workflow or operates as a separate step.
  2. WASM Security Tools: Employs specialized tools for WASM security.
  3. Sandboxing Checks: Enforces adherence to sandboxing rules.
  4. Report Generation: Generates a security report or log.
  5. Conditional Approvals: Automatically approves, flags for review, or rejects based on results.
  • Manual Review Process: Manages flags raised by automated checks.
  • Integration with Repository: Enables further actions like merging, creating an issue, or updating a status page.

4. Assessment Runtime Initialization:

Administrators configure required plugin versions for specific Assessment Runtime instances in the Configuration Service. Upon initialization, the Assessment Runtime pulls this configuration from the control plane and downloads the necessary plugins from the plugin registry.

5. Validation & Security Service:

The system ensures that downloaded WASM modules meet security and integrity standards.

  • Signature Verification: Validates that downloaded plugins match audited versions.
  • Compatibility Checks: Ensures platform compatibility.


This design capitalizes on GitHub for hosting WASM plugins and GitHub Actions for compiling and security auditing. Administrators define required plugins in a centralized configuration, and the Assessment Runtime initializes by downloading these plugins as configure in the control plane. The system upholds controlled, secure plugin management with specific considerations related to WASM. Leveraging GitHub's infrastructure, this design promotes consistency, automation, and an efficient plugin development lifecycle.